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Alf Spencer in opening this web site has chosen nineteen of his musical compositions to share with anyone who would be interested in recording themselves singing. You can listen to Alf in order to hear how the words go with the melody, then put your own interpretation using the backing tracks. Email your recording to the address below including a picture of yourself (if you wish) and you could find yourself on this site.


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Recording Artist

Children's Short Story

After viewing my Video message inviting anyone who would like to have themselves recorded singing one of my songs which could be viewed on this site Emma of Keighley, Yorkshire, was one of many replies I picked.

Emma came to my studio and recorded “Depends On You” which she did in just three takes.  I think she may have a future in the entertainment business…see what you think, I would be pleased to hear your comments. Click the link below




Alf with Carole Baker and his children's short story
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