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Alf Spencer                                   


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       Stories read by


Brick layers        Alf Spencer   Length  14min-06sec
Cynthia        Alf Spencer Length  14min-06sec 
Lemon brandy         Alf Sprncer Length  13min-11sec
Denis         Alf Spencer Length  24min-29sec
Curly         Geoff Walker Length  12min-25sec 
Hells angels          Joyce King   Length  52min-35sec 
Sandra         Pam Hilton Length  47min-16sec
The rule of justice        Alf Spencer Length  14min-20sec
The scent of death        Geoff Walker Length  12min-05sec
Vivid green         Alf Spencer Length  15min-15sec
Wise man and student        Alf Spencer Length  11min-41sec

Stories above are read by various people for your enjoyment. 

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Anyone buying a book and would also like to record themselves reading
one of my storys please send me the recording in either wma or mp3 format and I
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